The Name

The Brook House Band is named for the band’s practice space, Ken’s renovated old mill house overlooking a woodland brook.


The origins of The Brook House Band itself can be traced all the way back to the Big Bang: sharing interests in astronomy and cosmology as well as music, Ron (bass, guitar, vocals) and Chris (guitar, vocals, harmonica) belonged to the same astronomical society for years without really knowing each other.

Some years after the Big Bang, in late 2010, Ron found and contacted Chris through a networking site for musicians just as Chris’s previous band, Hard Rain, was breaking up. (Cosmologists will please take notice of this evidence against sheer randomness and for some manner of synchronicity in the Universe.) The two met for beer and pizza at a restaurant that was hosting an open mic session. They hit it off personally and musically, did some solos and impromptu duets, got lots of encore requests, turned a pretty low-key open mic session into a high-energy party-to-end-all-parties, and decided, yes, they should start a band.

Months earlier that same year, Ken (percussion, vocals) and Chris had connected at a jam session, where both had expressed their interest in working on a project together should a future opportunity arise. Now, in the Brook House, at their first session together with Ron, the three clicked personally, instrumentally, and vocally, falling spontaneously into tight three-part harmonies. That experience, plus the discovery that we were born within thirteen months of each other, led to a sense of fulfilled destiny, as corny as that might sound.

For about a year, the three searched for a fourth person to round out the band and enable them to play on the sort of music they wanted to play. Then Dan (keys, vocals) appeared out of the woods, so to speak, living only a few stones’ throws through the woods from the Brook House.


The goal of The Brook House Band, aside from having lots of fun, is simply to play great rock music right, with high energy and faithfulness to detail that will make you want to hear it again and again.

Let the BHB party with you!