Dan Platt

Dan's been playing keyboards most of his life, from garage bands in the late 60s to present day. He listens to - and has at times played - music from such divers artists as Alice Cooper, Beatles, Genesis, Yes, Renaissance, Emerson, Lake & Palmer and many others.

In 1973, he joined up with Canyon, a band that was 'full-time', and recorded some original stuff and played cover tunes by the Progressive bands - and others - of the era. Canyon was regionally successful for the next decade+.

After a hiatus to get married, have a daughter and get a 'real job', Dan returned to playing for fun & pocket money with a local band called Blue Attire put together by an old friend from the garage-band days. Blue Attire played a nice repertoire of 'jazzy' blues and 'classy' rock for 7 years around the area.

Dan's still married, now has 2 great kids, and in addition to The Brook House Band plays with E-2 An Eagles Experience, an Eagles Tribute band. The Brook House Band has been a revelation to him in that he didn't expect to again find such a talented, similar-minded group of really good people!