Ron Romano

Hi! Ron Romano here – BHB's bassist and part-time rhythm guitarist.

I've been writing and performing music since around 1973 - first overseas in Berlin as guitarist for Arkenstone and (somewhat) more recently as lead vocalist / bassist / songwriter for the L.A. area dance/show band, Giant City. I've wanted to get a great rock band together since those days long ago, but life always has a way of intervening, bills must be paid, 'day jobs' must be kept, etc. - the opportunity and the right bandmates never came along at the same time... until recently.

I play bass, various guitars, a little cello, and spend my spare time composing popular and orchestral music that will one day, with a little luck, appear in film, games, television and your iPod. A graduate of two Berklee College of Music Master Certificate programs – one in Music Theory and one in Orchestration – I would highly recommend it! I hope that training will serve our efforts well, and look forward to putting together our own original tunes and arrangements as the band matures.

I also provide 'tech support' functions for BHB – the web site, help with our P.A. Setup, etc. If you've got questions or comments about the site, don't hesitate to email me at